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OmniWorks CoLab
Entrepreneur Network

Join our inclusive community of dynamic entrepreneurs and make a valuable investment in your most crucial business asset, YOU. 

Be Confident
Increase Knowledge
Feel Supported
Get Connected

Knowledge x Relationships x Motivation

For the past 6 years OmniWorks has worked with over 1000 diverse small business owners. Our mission is to help women and BIPOC entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create wealth.

Now you can join our entrepreneur community and leverage peer knowledge and key connections to build your business FASTER.

As the founder, you are your company's biggest asset. We invite you to join other highly motivated successful entrepreneurs and invest in your success.


Don't navigate the journey alone - let's grow together!

Membership tailored to your goals & commitment

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Community Ethos: as women and BIPOC entrepreneurs, we know what being excluded from opportunities looks like. Sharing knowledge and connections is central to our community with the goal of optimizing our collective success.

Community Membership


Join our curated member community that prioritizes meaningful connections and growth. Connect, collaborate, and grow with like-minded entrepreneurs. Benefit from introductions, special events, funding opportunities, guidance, accountability, industry insights, and partnership opportunities. Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and grow with us. Sign up now!



Investment: Request membership information with pre-launch price

Optimize Membership

Optimize is focused on building your knowledge, skills and deep connections with other entrepreneurs in similar business stages.  In mastermind sessions, join small groups of 6-8 entrepreneurs that meet monthly to talk confidentially about wins and challenges, exchange ideas, and hold each other accountable. Community Membership benefits are included.


Investment: Request membership information with pre-launch price
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