Building your business is challenging--
but you don't have to do it alone.

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Does your business work for you or do you work for your business?

What’s next for your business?  The last year showed that what comes next is sometimes beyond our control.  When it comes to the success of your business, the question is, are you planning for what’s next or are you just reacting and hoping to make it.

Be bold. Think big.

If you are motivated to significantly grow your business, OmniWorks  NEXT can help you achieve your goals.

This 6-month program is for business owners who want to increase customers and revenue, develop your strategic plan, build your team, and access capital to grow. 


NEXT provides you with the knowledge, tools, coaches, and network to take charge of your business.


If this sounds like you, here’s your chance to be part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs encouraging each other to succeed.  

Set goals. Take action.

NEXT is structured into 90-day challenges. Each challenge focuses on essential areas that drive business growth:


  • Develop your business plan

  • Increase customers & revenue

  • Build your team

  • Access capital

During the 6 month program you decide which two areas are priorities and focus on accomplishing those goals.

Gain confidence to make better decisions, faster


The NEXT program is designed to fit your working style and commitment level. NEXT meets you where you are.


In NEXT BASIC you move at your own pace and have access to the tools needed to succeed. The program includes:


  • Quarterly meetings with a business navigator to help direct you to resources

  • GrowthWheel online business development tools

  • Monthly small group mastermind meetings to learn from other successful business owners

  • Vetted group of subject matter experts and service providers

  • Networking events

  • Specialized webinars covering essential topics for business growth

Be accountable.
Take control.

NEXT INTENSIVE includes everything in BASIC plus monthly meetings with a business navigator.  Together you will define your goals and create a road map to take action. This level is designed to deliver accountability and faster results and is limited to 25 participants.


Make OmniWorks part of your business team and get the knowledge, resources, and confidence to take your business to the next level.


Own your business. Own your future.

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If you want to grow your business faster and help others do the same, join NEXT.

We are currently accepting applications from highly motivated entrepreneurs committed to building their businesses.

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